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The menu is simple – several different kinds of meat served either as a street tacos, tortas, quesadilla or burritos. Meats include carne asada steak, chicken, carnitas (fried pork), house-made chorizo and of course the spiced pork al pastor. Don’t you dare set foot in El Trompo without trying al pastor in some form. The restaurant is named for the rotating spit traditionally used to cook the spiced pork.

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11877 Douglas Rd #113,

Alpharetta, GA 30005Rdx gym belt leather power lifters fitness weightlifting bodybuilding the best cardio for bad knees the homeless parisian who loves bodybuilding.



(770) 754-9442

"Top Places To Eat In Metro Atlanta!"

— Yelp’s 2015

Monday: 11AM–8PM

Tuesday: 11AM–8PM

Wednesday: 11AM–8PM

Thursday: 11AM–8PM

Friday: 11AM–9PM

Saturday: 11AM–9PM

Sunday: 12–6PM

AL PASTOR - El Trompo Mexican Taqueria

The al pastor taco is a crowd-pleaser for a reason: fatty strips of pork are sizzled on a rotating spit, called a “trompo.” At a place with “Trompo” in the name, the al pastor ought to be great—and here...

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VIVA Life Style and Travel

El Trompo was selected #1 by VIVA Life Style and Travel as the BEST Taco in Georgia and #11 in the USA!!!

Take a look at the web site and see El Trompo listed as #11

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Here is what Zagat had to say about us:
Tasty tacos al pastor at Alpharetta’s

Good tacos al pastor are worthy of a last meal. The woman manning the register when I visited assured me that El Trompo indeed has a trompo in the back; and, while I didn’t see it, the al pastor certainly tasted like the real deal...

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